We work with different Cloud partners and providers to deliver a wide range of Cloud solutions.

From deciding whether a Cloud solution is right for your organisation to migration and designing a secure Cloud solution, our technical specialists can help you make the right decisions.

Cloud services enable our clients to access IT services from the Cloud without any infrastructure investment or any systems deployed in-house. Cloud services can enable your business to be more flexible.

Think of Cloud Computing as renting a fully serviced apartment instead of buying a home of your own. Some applications are well suited for the Cloud and others may be better in-house.

    IT Support Sydney  Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery  
    IT Support Sydney  Microsoft Office 365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Dropbox
    IT Support Sydney  Cloud Storage and Sharing
    IT Support Sydney  Cloud Hosting and Virtual Private Server
    IT Support Sydney  Cloud Antivirus and Endpoint Protection

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a set of web enabled tools that combine Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Exchange Server, Skype, SharePoint and much more) productivity with the latest Microsoft communication and collaboration technology

Whether you’re at your desktop computer or on your tablet or phone, you can get to your email, calendars, documents, shared files and online meetings instantly.

There are three main categories of Cloud Services:

     IT Support Sydney  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) examples are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft  Azure, Rackspace and VMWare
     IT Support Sydney  Platform as a Service (PaaS) examples are Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure and Saleforce’s force.com
     IT Support Sydney  Software as a Service (SaaS) examples are Dropbox, Box and Apple ICloud

Cloud Services: Public, Private and Hybrid

     IT Support Sydney  Public Cloud: Cloud services/resources at vendor locations that are shared by many customers, eg. Dropbox.
     IT Support Sydney  Private Cloud: Cloud services/resources that are dedicated to one customer. This could be at the customer’s location or off-premise/vendors location.
     IT Support Sydney  Hybrid: Cloud services/resources that span on-premise and off-premise boundaries, eg. on-site storage that automatically replicates to storage at an off-site provider.

Virtual Dedicated Server Solutions

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is recommended if you are looking to grow/adapt your business quickly and cost-effectively. VPS will give you the resilience, agility and high performance you want.